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Raid Application to AvidCharacter Name
Opi Age
23 Timezone:
EST Class?
Esper Is there anything that may regularly interfere with the following raid schedule?
Those are perfect raiding times for me. I have been on a EST raiding schedule for the past 7 years now. Are you comfortable with the idea that we may extend hours/days for initial progression pushes?
Yes What are you looking for in Avid?
I am looking for like-minded individuals that share my competitive drive. Being the first to see a boss, experience its mechanics, and develop a strategy that results in a kill is fun. On top of it all, to be a part of an organized entity of 40 people that comes together with this same goal is unbelievably satisfying. Its a completely different experience from watching videos and reading guides on how to kill bosses. I don't want to be part of a guild that does that, which is why I am looking to establish myself at the bleeding-edge point of progression where these resources will not be available. List any notable past guilds and accomplishments.
Nightmare's Asylum (WoW), Team Ice (WoW), Maximation (Rift). More below on accomplishments. Elaborate on your raid experience. Yes, we want to hear as much as you want to share.
Vanilla WoW
I was never on the forefront of progression in Vanilla as it was my first MMO and I quite frankly had no idea wtf I was doing. I was playing catchup and never got to experience the full glory of Naxx40.

AQ40 (up to Twins)

I was still playing catch up for the majority of TBC up until I ended up joining Nightmares Asylum, where I did progression Sunwell.


This is probably the highlight of raiding for me in terms of WoW, I joined Team Ice where I loved and struggled through Ulduar progression. We finished US14th in that tier. I was also an officer here towards the tail end of Ulduar through the end of ToC.


My last raiding adventure in a game. Here, I was a co-founder and raid leader of Maximation. We were the undisputed #1 guardian guild through the end of HK. We had in the vicinity of 10 World Firsts, with the rest of our kills being in the top 3.

River of Souls
Hammerknell What's your favorite boss fight. Why?
There have been a number of fights that I really enjoyed, going back as far as Vael in BWL, and as recently as Sicaron in HK. An enjoyable fight for me has always been a mix of difficulty, mechanics, and originality. Interesting mechanics, tight enrage timers, and demanding healing always pushed guilds to their absolute best. 25m Firefighter (Mimiron Hardmode: Ulduar - WoW) is the fight that encompassed all of these aspects with style. Phase 1 control, phase 2 healing, phase 3 add management, and complete clusterfuck phase 4 under a tight enrage timer combined for an amazing fight. Oh and there are about 5 different ways that can kill you if you are slightly late with your reaction time. It was also an ideal fight in my eyes in terms of fight length with a 10min enrage. Here's my first kill with Team Ice, I am the hunter Opaque with the circle on my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxoIx14_KW4 What game are you applying for?
Wildstar Do you own a mic and are you comfortable using mumble?
Yes, I've used mumble in the past and its my preferred method of voice communication. If you were fighting a dragon with a group of people, where would you be most likely to stand?
Hind left/right leg. If you were stranded on an Island and could only have either a toothpick, tweezers, spork, or can of tuna, what would you choose and why?
Spork. At this point, I can only hope to have the knowledge that Jules Verne put into his main characters in his classic: The Mysterious Island. Truly amazing book. Your speedtest results:
http://www.speedtest.net/result/2750737600.png Anything else we should know?
I am Russian, been in the US since I was 10. I lift and have gotten pretty good at it.

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Am I allowed to express an opinion on this fine gentleman's application?

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Am I allowed to express an opinion on this fine gentleman's application?

I say we decline him. Who's with me? :)

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