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08-07-2014, 04:48 PM
Who is Avid?

We are a tightly knit group of gamers stemming from various raid oriented MMOs. Our core members partook in high-end raiding progression in EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, WoW, and Rift. You can find ex-members of guilds such as Divinus, Malice, Blood Legion, Team Ice, Nightmare's Asylum, Curse, and Maximation within our ranks. Raiding is the catalyst that brought us together, but we also take pride in the community that we've formed over the years.

What do we want to do?
To be among the first to clear content, constantly improve as a raid team, and to grow our community.

What are we looking for?

We want people who share our goals. People with high-end hardcore experience, a healthy attitude, and extreme dedication. Former leadership is also a huge plus. Players should be able to learn mechanics quickly and consistently. Players should be ready to perform a variety of roles and jobs. We want people who want to be part of a community both inside and outside of WoW.

Raid Times Information

Monday: 8pm - 12am EST
Tuesday: 8pm - 12am EST
Wednesday: 8pm - 12am EST
Thursday: 8pm - 12am EST

Sunday: Optional HC @ 8pm EST.

For the first 3 weeks of a tier we raid required Sundays to accommodate splits.

Loot Information

All loot is handled via loot council. We feel that it is the best system for improving the guild as a whole because loot can be delegated to where it is needed most. If you have any questions on a loot decision, please feel free to message an officer and it can be discussed outside of raid.


90% attendance required to maintain a raider rank. Attendance is taken at the official start time of the raid, and at the end time. If you cannot make a raid, you are required to make a post on the forums, or let the leadership know that you will be absent. If you no-post-no-show you are disrespecting every other raider in the guild. Doing so multiple times is a quick ticket out of the guild. Emergencies do happen and everyone understands that, sometimes you simply cannot get to your computer/phone and will not be there. Don't abuse this understanding.

Raid Setup

Best 20 players, followed by the best class comp will be utilized for raid progression. Yes, that means that some people will need to sit because their class is just not as effective as another class for a certain boss. Put the needs of the guild before your own and realize that the decision of who sits or raids is not personal. If it becomes personal, then its likely that the person shouldn't be actively raiding with us.

During farm content, everybody sits and everybody raids. We will be gearing everyone for future raid progression.

If you do not perform up to a reasonable standard on a fight, you will be sat and someone else will be brought in for you. We can't be failing at mechanics and progressing towards our goals.


Respect towards EVERYONE. This includes fellow guild members, peers on the server, developers, and guild competition. While any publicity is good publicity, we don't need any bad publicity. Drama free environment is essential both internally and externally.

Its essential that every member actively (daily) reads the forums, Discord chat, and partakes in discussions. Lots of strategy talks happen on the forums. Additionally, if you are at your computer, you are expected to be on Discord, even if simply in the AFK channel.

Guild Ranks