There are two parts to the event, the first part is for Japanese non-gaming media and will feature slightly different content. The 2nd half would be the part that the Japanese Alpha testers are invited and will host the usual Talk Session, some announcements, etc. Location of the event is Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo!

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Final Fantasy XIV Trailer CGI Official Release Opening Cinematic

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Translations by okuRaku, Keii and SteveManly.


  • Mana Regeneration: MP management is supposed to be important. Also, spells are supposed to deal high damage in one hit. Having this concept in mind, SE plans to continue to balance this system and (in the future) add some other ways of regaining MP, other than abilities and Aetheryte.
  • Usefulness of Battle Regimen
    Battle regimen serve a double purpose: to expand the strategy of party play, and to reduce the difficulty/rigidness in forming parties. They are not just for doing extra damage, there are lots of various effects. For example:
  • - Phys Resistance Debuff
  • Normal melee attack -> Normal melee attack (ex. slash -> punch [these are basic DoW abilities])
  • - Magic Resistance Debuff
  • Normal melee attack -> Normal magical attack (ex. slash -> spirit dart)
  • - Cast speed down + MP consumption up
  • Normal melee attack -> Magic (ex. slash -> Fire)
  • - TP gain reduction + TP consumption up
  • Normal melee attack -> Weapon skill (ex. Slash -> Red Lotus)
  • - Action aptitude up (Using a different class ability on the current class grants the same effect as when used on the other class)
  • Same class magic -> Magic
  • Same class Weapon skill -> Weapon skill (ex. Trunksplitter -> Brandish)
  • - Damage up
  • Various class WS -> WS -> Magic
  • Various class magic -> Magic -> WS (ex. Blizzard -> Scourge -> Puncture)
  • For example, if it's difficult to continue dealing physical damage, use Phys resistance debuff. If it's a casting monster, use cast time debuff + MP consumption increase etc.
  • Negotiations are another way of obtaining loot (other than battles). By choosing the right conversation subject with a NPC, player can engage in negotiations and receive items in exchange for items wanted by the NPC. If player does exceptionally well, it's possible to get some free stuff as an extra.
  • Ishgard: Ishgard's people have long been at war with man-eating dragons, and thus have not taken on Adventurers. In this city, there are already several quests appearing for the "Dragon Slayers" [faction?] who are at war with the dragons.
  • Guildleves in the Beta: We sincerely apologize to our open beta testers for the client errors that would occur more frequently during guildleves in the beta. In the release version, we are dealing with these diligently.
  • Retainer: Right now, when you buy something from a retainer, there is an unnecessarily long delay. On release, we plan to make this a lot more smooth. We would like to make improvements to make commerce even easier for everyone.
  • Relationship Crafting/Gathering & PC Status: PC's physical level & attributes will have an effect on crafting and gathering. There are hints in the game as to what does what, so please search for it.
  • Crafting
  • Physical: Closely related to the tool being used and will particularly affect quality
  • Attributes: related to "Godsend" [I think these are the extra result/HQ result] probability & "attribute stability" [?]
  • Gathering
  • Physical: Affects difficulty in obtaining items in the "gather" phase as well as the number of items obtained
  • [translator note].. this is a literal translation of "physical" and "attribute" I wasn't sure here if they're talking about skill level or what, but judging from the use of katakana for Physical, I must assume it means physical level, even though that sounds odd to have an effect here.
  • Market: We don't want crafters and gatherers to simply "put up" their items on the market and that's it. We want them to also act as salesmen and learn to play the market intelligently. For this purpose, we will begin with focus on the Bazaar market system. On that note, in order to be able to tell "What's for sale?" etc, we are planning to adjust policy and add functionality to improve the user friendliness.
  • Retrying guildleves: The best way to level is with guildleves, that is, even without the guardian's favor, you will earn way more exp and skill points per each kill. For this reason, we wanted to prevent abusive use of leves by killing all the monsters but failing right at the end and then retrying on the spot. However, if you visit the NPC that gave you the leve, you can retry it.
  • There will be hardware mouse support!
  • We believe that the item selection interface should be very responsive, and by release we will have introduced a MUCH improved version. After release we will continue improving this.
  • The FFXIV development team acknowledged that there's issues with the mouse and user interface and apologized about it. Hardware Mouse + UI improvements will be a major focus for them.
  • There will be package discount pricing on the subscription (Japan-3months, NA/EU 3/6 months)
  • Due to game balance consideration, the level cap on release will be 50
  • We will change it so you do not lose disabled abilities when changing class any more. [assume this means they won't leave the ability bar, they will probably just gray]
  • Physical stat distribution will affect both crafting and gathering classes as much as it does everyone else.
  • There aren't any "open world" NMs outside of guildleves.
  • New hairstyles will be added, as well as the ability to change hairstyle in game after you make your character.
  • Crafters will be able to cooperate in large-scale projects (boats, cannons, wedding cakes! YUM) so more fun for you and your company!
  • There will be guildleves where crafters and adventurers have to cooperate.
  • The guildleve issue will be fixed so they cooldown will be significantly decreased from 48 hours.
  • Anima regeneration will have to be raised since you'll have to travel more for more frequent guildleves.
  • The faction leves have you fight different beastman tribes and such.

Updates from Square Enix in English (Event now over!):


  • The FFXIV prerelease party has come to an end, and the game's official release is just around the corner!
  • The official release's opening cinematic!
  • The event is over! Wait! The producer, Mr. Tanaka, has a video to show us. A Lalafell's head! It' acorn! An onion! An-an onion helm!
  • There's a lot more to talk about! Battles, synthesis, gathering, guildleves! The MC fields questions and requests from fans to the dev team!
  • And now an introduction of some of the game's new equipment!
  • Take a look at some of Eorzea's upcoming Notorious Monsters!
  • Introducing FFXIV's world and the stories of each city-state! The MC fields feedback from the beta testers to the dev team!
  • A special talk session with five members of the development team is starting!
  • The opening talks have started! Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuo Uematsu take the stage!
  • FFXIV's music is being performed by a string quartet!