Patch 18.10.03

August 21, 2012

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Cool New Stuff

Battlegrounds are now available!
You must be level 60 to enter the battlegrounds.
Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking on the button in the Social menu or the button under your compass.
If you’re part of a 15-person raid group, the game matches you against other 15-person raid groups.
If you’re alone or part of a smaller party, the game assembles a 15-person team and matches you against other randomly assembled teams.
Your team wins the match by earning 5,000 points or having the most points when time runs out.
You earn 5 points for killing an enemy player.
You earn 200 points for capturing a base.
If you control more bases than the other team, you earn additional points every second:
3 points/second if you control one more base
5 points/second if you control two more bases
7 points/second if you control all three bases
You earn 600 points for killing the naga BAM, 50 points for killing the rock BAM, and 10 points for killing a normal monster. The monsters also provide buffs when killed.
Become a battleground leader by selecting “Able to lead the battle” during the matching process.
Battleground leaders can launch meteors that damage enemies and slow their movement.
They can also make location scans that show enemies on the map.
Bandages, bombs, campfires, teleport scrolls, and scrolls that provide buffs do not function in battlegrounds. Food and potions that grant HP or MP or improve HP/MP regeneration likewise do not function.
Guild-versus-guild/Vanarch GvG is not active while in battlegrounds.
Your individual score will be calculated as the match goes.
300 points for a kill
150 points for an assist on a kill
500 for capturing a base
At the battle’s end, you earn Bellicarium credits based on victory/loss and your individual score in that battle.
Randomly assembled raids earn 80 credits if they won and 30 credits if they lost.
Pre-assembled raids earn 35 credits if they won and 15 credits if they lost.
You also earn 1 percent of your individual score as credits. This bonus is capped at 50 for randomly assembled raids and 30 for pre-assembled raids.
Use the credits to buy useful items from battleground reputation vendors.
You can also buy Bounties of the Fray for victories; they randomly provide enchantment-related consumables, battleground gear, and Muhrak Black Label gloves and boots.
You must compete in ten battlegrounds to be ranked. Battleground records are reset every 90 days, and the rankings renew every Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time.
Battlegrounds are always available and have a ten-minute cooldown.
TERA now has raids—for challenges beyond the five-person party.
A raid group consists of up to 20 players in groups of five. Use them to tackle the nexus and the battlegrounds.
When you’re in a raid, you cannot receive rewards from normal quests.
It takes two party members to create a raid. You can disband a raid when it has four or fewer players.
When you’re in a raid, you earn only 1 percent of the experience and gold for defeating normal monsters, and the drop rates for those monsters are much lower. You won’t earn any reputation points except with the Agnitor.
Only the raid leader and designated assistants can invite others to join the raid or kick players out of the raid.
You can access a raid-only chat channel by typing /ra.
Destroy a nexus, then raid the Nexus Traverse.
To enter the Nexus Traverse instance, you must be part of a raid that successfully destroyed a nexus. When one member enters the instance, you can summon all other members.
If you die within the Nexus Traverse, you will resurrect within the instance rather than in a nearby town.
Three new max-level instances will test your mettle.
Argon Corpus is the argons’ main base.
You must be level 60 and have level 142 gear (normal mode) or level 146 gear (hard mode) to access it through Instance Matching.
Item drops in normal mode include three tier 13 sets: the Cyasma set, the Discord set, and the Victor’s set.
Item drops in hard mode include three tier 14 sets: the Bloodvision set, the Abyss set, and the Deathstain set.
Bosses in both modes occasionally drop the crafting recipes for the tier 14 crafted Visionmaker set.
Manaya’s Core is the lair of Shandra Manaya, the argon queen.
You must be level 60 and have level 153 gear to access it through Instance Matching.
Item drops include the tier 14 Regent’s set and the ingredients required to craft the Visionmaker set.
In Sirjuka Gallery, you must protect a crystal from the instance’s denizens while earning points.
The instance becomes available after the “A Letter From Fraya,” “Search for Research” and “Ominous Traces” quests are complete.
You must have level 147 gear to access it through Instance Matching.
Complete the instance, and you’ll receive one of five tiers of reward (depending on your score) through in-game mail.
You will also earn talents (coins) that you can exchange for glyphs or glyph boxes.

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Class Changes

Lancers and warriors now use a new resource, Resolve, to power their defensive skills.
Lancers gain Resolve with Combo Attack (75/112/138 Resolve gained, depending on skill level), Challenging Shout (322 Resolve gained), Shield Counter (233), Debilitate (144), Spring Attack (136), Shield Barrage (51/72), and Second Wind (750). They consume 50 Resolve every half second to use the Stand Fast skill and the new Backstep skill (see below).
Warriors gain Resolve with Combo Attack (32/34/38/50 Resolve gained, depending on skill level), Torrent of Blows (182 Resolve gained), Rain of Blows (98), Poison Blade (93), Combative Strike (100), Rising Fury (40/140), Traverse Cut (133), Blade Draw (66), and Reaping Slash (100). They consume 50 Resolve per half second for Cross Parry (new skill; see below), 500 Resolve for Evasive Roll, 300 for Smoke Flanker (new skill; see below), 1,000 for Defensive Stance, and 1,000 for Assault Stance.
Lancers have a maximum Resolve of 1,500. Warriors have a maximum Resolve of 1,200.
Lancers gain two new skills and several altered skills.
The Wallop skill causes the lancer to leap forward and slam a shield against the ground, potentially knocking down nearby enemies. It consumes 300 MP and has a ten-second cooldown. Lancers acquire Wallop at level 28, and they get upgrades every six levels thereafter.
The Backstep skill is a backward jump. It consumes 200 Resolve and has a six-second cooldown. Lancers acquire Backstep at level 1.
Stand Fast has no cooldown time and no longer consumes MP.
Lancer skills generate more aggro.
Combo Attack now recovers more MP with each use, starting with Combo Attack II.
The following skills now deal more damage: Combo Attack, Onslaught, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, Spring Attack, Shield Barrage, and Lockdown Blow.
The following skills have a wider attack area: Shield Barrage, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, and Debilitate.
Warriors gain three new skills and several altered skills.
The Cross Parry skill blocks incoming attacks as long as the button is held down. It works only in Defensive Stance. In PvP, it consumes Resolve proportional to the damage received. It has no cooldown. Warriors acquire Cross Parry at level 14.
The Smoke Flanker skill summons a shadowy double to temporarily take over aggro for the warrior. Warriors acquire Smoke Flanker at level 18, and they get upgrades every six levels thereafter.
The Reaping Slash skill chops with both swords at once; those you hit take extra damage from your Scythe attack, and that debuff lasts longer when you stack Edge first. It consumes 250 MP and has a 40-second cooldown. Warriors acquire Reaping Slash at level 18, and they get upgrades every six levels thereafter.
The Torrent of Blows and Battle Cry VII skills generate more aggro than before.
The Battle Cry skill has its range increased from 7 meters to 10 meters but no longer generates bonuses from the Edge stack.
The Scythe skill deals extra damage at Edge 3 or more.
Edge points persist for eight seconds, not ten.
Warriors’ Power statistic has been decreased from 55 to 45, but the stronger Assault Stance means that warrior output is unchanged.
Evasive Roll has no cooldown time and no longer consumes MP.
Defensive Stance increases balance by 20 and increases aggro 35 to 45 percent (level I) and 45 to 55 percent (level II). It no longer consumes MP and persists even after the warrior dies.
Assault Stance increases power 15 to 36 percent (level I) and 20 to 48 percent (level II). It no longer consumes MP and persists even after the warrior dies.
Warriors can select defense or offense in the Instance Matching system, and the party UI will indicate their desired role.
Archers gain easier targeting and several altered skills.
The following skills use a larger target hit box: Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, Web Arrow, Poison Arrow, and Restraining Arrow.
The Stunning Trap skill cast time is now cut in half.
The Web Arrow and Slow Trap skills affect targets for 7 seconds (was 5 seconds).
Some skills are less likely to interrupt casting in PvP.
Lancer: Combo Attack I and II, Shield Barrage I and II.
Warrior: Combo Attack II and III.
Slayer: Combo Attack III and IV, Overhand Strike, Fury Strike.
Some classes receive more or less damage in PvP.
Warriors take 6 percent more damage in PvP.
Slayers take 3 percent less damage in PvP, sorcerers take 31 percent less, archers take 5 percent less, priests take 43 percent less, and mystics take 28 percent less.
Lancers and berserkers are unchanged.
Glyphs associated with the new skills have been added to the game.

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New high-level items have been added to the game.
New green crystals have been added; succoring zyrk increases healing skills and threatening zyrk increases aggro.
Muhrak Black Label armor can be acquired with faction credits earned in the battlegrounds.
The new instances have new tier 13 and 14 gear sets associated with them.
Teleport scrolls have been added for the new instances.
Some items have been rebalanced.
The amount of HP increase from relentless zyrk crystals has been reduced.
The slaying rhomb crystal’s effects apply only to PvE.
The effectiveness of some items that resist knockdown and stun has been reduced.
The warrior’s glyph of threat now increases aggro by 100 percent, and the glyph of opportunity reduces the amount of Resolve used by Evasive Roll.
Cupra ensiform, argent ensiform, powerful rival draught, and tenacious savage rival draught are no longer usable in the game, so their vendor prices have increased.
Some items have been revised for PvP balance.
The reduced attack damage for griefing zyrks, pristine griefing zyrks, indomitable zyrks, and pristine indomitable zyrks has been revised for PvP.
Increases/decreases to damage against other players have been changed for the following items:
Fracture & Sever
Insertion Point
Fortuity Eye
Scepter of the Unknown
Cunning & Instinct
Huddle Amasser
Rally Round
Paradox Bow
Destiny’s Balance
The Brigadier’s Series.
The Ice/Fire gear that drops in the hard mode of Kelsaik’s Nest now has the same passive attributes as the Dreamkeeper set.
Ice talons and fire talons now block up to 42,548 damage using the Cross Parry skill (formerly had no passive attribute).
Frostspar and emberspar now block up to 49,001 damage using the Stand Fast skill (formerly blocked 36,971 damage).
Icewing and firewing now block up to 26,608 damage using the Axe Block skill (formerly blocked 20,076 damage).
Pillar of ice and pillar of fire now heal 5,468 HP (formerly healed 4,464 HP).
Rimetorch and emberneedle now heal 5,086 HP (formerly healed 4,152)
Enigmatic items will not drop in level 1–50 zones.
Green crystals now cost fewer reputation points when acquired from Shariar, Invalesco, Valsekyr Hunt, and Hands of Velika merchants. Agnitor costs remain the same.
Temple of Temerity prices have been decreased for practicum badges and dire badges. The number of badges required to obtain glyph boxes has also been decreased.
The merchant price for crafting items dropped by normal monsters has drastically decreased.
Certain items stack in greater numbers in your inventory.
All items level 58 and below are now eligible as remodel templates.

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Eight new quests relating to the new instances have been added to the game.
Gathering quests now show the locations of gatherable quest items on the map.
Guild quests are the lowest priority for the game’s quest tracker.

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Miscellaneous Changes

The cooldown time for all instances below level 60 is five minutes when using Instance Matching and ten minutes otherwise.
You automatically dismount when trying to gather, climb, or enter an instance while riding.
You can now ride a mount in the Argon Catacombs.
Two chat channels, Global and RP (roleplaying), have been added.
When you exit the game or move to the character screen, you will be notified about your character’s rested experience.
Tooltips have been added to the Character profile.
GvG victories when seeking vanarch status are now worth the following:
1 GvG win: 20 points
2 GvG wins: 20 points
5 GvG wins: 20 points
8 GvG wins: 30 points
12 GvG wins: 30 points
16 GvG wins: 30 points
20 GvG wins: 40 points
25 GvG wins: 40 points
30 GvG wins: 40 points
40 GvG wins: 50 points
The maximum reputation available in the nexus has changed from 6,000 to 24,000.
Final bosses in the hard modes for Balder’s Temple and Fane of Kaprima now have a high chance of dropping tier 14 common, uncommon, and rare items.
Certain high-level BAMs in Thrallhold, Three Towers, Tirkai Forest, Khanovar Front, Argonea, Granarkus, and Balder’s Refuge (except for Arkaina) drop tier 13 and tier 14 items.
A cleric of restoration has been added to the dueling area near Velika’s north gate. You can pay him to recharge your HP, MP, and Stamina.
The disband option has been removed from party play. It still functions for raids.

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Bugs Squashed

Fixed the “There is no disk in the drive” error.
Fixed the visual effect sync issue in the “Shakan, Not Stirred” quest.
Fixed the issue of Acharak occasionally not respawning in the “Acharak Attacks” quest.
Fixed the problem of some videos not playing in the Help UI.
Fixed the problem of level 52 items having skill-enhancing options that cannot be learned at level 52.
Fixed the problem of the canephora potion not functioning properly when entering and exiting a dungeon using Instance Matching.
Fixed the problem with teleportals to Sigil Adstringo and Ascent of Saravash not functioning properly.
Eliminated the ability to abuse Kaia’s Protection from the quest instance.

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Known Issues

The terminology for the random options in the Agnitor armor series differs between normal and masterwork versions. The options themselves are the same, but the wording is different.
Player names disappear from the Blocked tab in the Friends UI after closing and reopening the UI. Blocked players are still blocked, however.