A MMO release with quality raid content.

It has been a while since a game has released at this caliber. Tuned for the hardcore, Wildstar utilized a steep skill-check for attunement and challenging encounters for the first tier of raiding. We delved into Wildstar with extremely limited knowledge; a few members were enjoying beta (one reaching max level) yet we had zero participation in raid testing, leaving us with an exciting new adventure ahead.

As a result of this, our initial progress was a bit behind, and changes made promptly after initial guilds entered Genetic Archives only acted to gate entering even further. However, over time we picked up pace and finished with a solid US 5th, World 12th Ohmna kill. It took dedication and perseverance to get there, and we are proud to have finished the 20-man content as one of the first non-raiding beta guilds.

Unfortunately, with the steep progression curve and a severe lack of continued playability for casual subscribers, Wildstar's initial reports of player base were far below expected. Players began to quickly lose interest with the current raid scene due to burn out, bugs, or general dissatisfaction. With this in mind, it is clear the logistics required to grow and sustain a 40-man raiding roster would prove far too exhausting to be worthwhile. Carbine has been actively addressing the issues, and Wildstar may eventually be a successful game.

We have concluded that our collective efforts will now be devoted to Avid in Warlords of Draenor.

We would like to sincerely thank all of the officers, raiders, and recruits for making the Wildstar adventure possible. Those members who have decided to continue their progression into the 40-man content have moved into guilds specifically geared towards tackling these objectives, while the rest of us are working diligently to prepare for the upcoming expansion. We'll see you in WoD!