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    Wow, much I could say! It's been a maelstrom of exciting busyness on my end, but what incredible progress we are making!

    Here's a glimpse:

    1.) Movie successfully published! Very encouraged by all of the positive feedback - very helped by all of the constructive criticism. These movies act as great mirrors for the team to hold up and study ourselves and our project. To me, it's one of the greatest gains after all of the hard work of putting these movies together - the true, unadulterated feedback we receive. It helps us see through our blinders and get our fingers on the pulse of where we truly are, what our weak spots are and how we can continue to improve and polish what we have even as we continue developing it further and further.

    So thank you to this community especially for all of your encouragement, but also, don't ever be afraid to be constructively critical - it's a HUGE help to us and keeps us pushing forward with excellence.

    2.) I met with Rapha (of the Lore4) and Skype'd with her for ~2 hours about a week or so ago - fantastic meeting! Pantheon has a long road ahead of it, and we're going to need friends if we want to be successful. Some of those friends will be new ones we make along the way, and some of those friends will be old friends worth fighting for - Rapha is an old friend worth fighting for!

    It was a great conversation and she was able to give me a great deal of helpful perspective on the timeline of this project from the very beginning of things, including insight into the workings of the first team, especially in regards to Lore Development and roll-out. She (and Tony) have graciously extended a warm hand of willingness to help and advise our current Lore team as we continue to put in the hard and deep work of bringing Terminus to life.

    And if you're reading this: Thank you Rapha, excited to talk more soon!

    3.) Speaking of Lore, I cannot stress how much progress we've made, even though I know to you guys it probably looks pretty stagnant.

    Here's the truth as candidly/transparently as I can put it: During the second team era, Lore was lagging behind to the extent that the world builders were having to "just build things".Now, I think the world builders have done an amazing job with what they put together, and Lore-wise, there is plenty enough substance there for us to fold the current areas of the game in and make them an organic part of the overall world. However, internally, we all agree that world building should be Lore-driven. "Why is that mountain there?" "A city underneath that island? What city? Why is it there? Who dwells there?" "It's an ancient city? What does ancient mean in the context of Terminus?" "Are any of these pieces connected?"

    Ultimately, I want you to FEEL it when I say the Lore team and the World Building team have banded together to push us into a Lore-driven development state. Meaning, everything that is now being created and worked on (High Brace, Amberfaet, secret stuff, etc.) has a true place in the world and story of Terminus, and this will apply to everything created from this point onward. Also, we are doing the work of folding in the current locales to give them substance and meaning as well.

    Ultimately, this is kind of a weird banner to be waving and celebrating, as this is a fairly normal thing to expect when you're creating and building an MMO world. But, going back to all those regime changes and their effects, this has been a unique challenge for our team and development process, a challenge I'm happy to say we have conquered with purpose and excellence.

    4.) I know you guys are HUNGRY for Lore and I agree with Sevens' post in the Daily Screenshot thread about enjoying the screenshots/videos, but really wanting to start seeing the substance and story behind these people/places/things. We're going to do our best to start satiating that desire as soon as possible, and I think we're getting close to being able to roll some of that stuff out. Ultimately, we want our Lore to be polished and perfect when we roll it out. If I can say it humbly, I think the quality and scope of our Lore will be one of the biggest surprises and delights for the Pantheon community and those watching our development. Can't wait!

    5.) A few updated shots of a tiny portion of Amberfaet for you guys to enjoy. Keep in mind, this area is exceedingly early in development! When this area is more finished, I hope to release a time-lapse like Monty's of how I created this area!

    The cavernous ceiling approaching the Main Hall, this ceiling is full of playable content...if you can figure out how to get up there!

    --- Approaching the Main Hall

    ---- Standing on the bottom floor of the Main Hall


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