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So I have put in about 40 hours in now. Here is my little subjective 2 cents on the game.

I started the game without watching Kingsglaive or the anime series. This led to a huge appointment's with the game story line. If you didn't watch them you are literally clueless what the hell is going on in the game, but there are still really awesome story points (especially from Altissia onward).

The combat is just awesome. Honestly this is what made the game for me besides just being able to do w/e you want in the open world.

I am not too crazy about having to constantly harvest + craft magic (and magic sometimes really fucks you from friendly fire), but having some pretty OP and unique magic combos is really fun.

Driving in the car is super lame. You get more fast travels later in the game and there are clever ways to fast travel around (return to car or return to rest point), but there are several times in the game you are just sitting in a car watching 4 dudes finger poppin' each others assholes for a good 5+ minutes (this feels like centuries in game time).

The music player was honestly a huge bummer. They have a music player you can listen to in the car and also out in the world. It lets you listen to classic FF songs and newer ones, but it seems like it really missed the mark on release. There are some really good additions including the afrojack 'braver' FF remix, but they are missing so many epic and beautiful songs from the FF anthology. For example, almost all of the best music from vi, vii, and x was completely missing. Hell, they didn't even add the amazing 'Stand by me' track from florence + the machine. I expect them to improve with patches in the future, maybe, but right now I am pretty disappointed with this feature.

I really have no issues with the rest of the game. Plenty of interesting sidequests, fishing, hunts, chocobo races, car upgrades, armigers, gathering, and minigames to play. Very fun and great time sink. I anticipate doing at least 100 hours before I finish everything.
I think maybe the magic could have like a modifier to friendly players, but it makes battles more interesting imo. Sure it's not a staple of the FF series, but I mean if I literally blow up a firaga right on the enemies, it should logically hurt my characters to. I just use Prompto's Gravisphere to round them up, or Regroup with Ignis to get my characters together and out of harm's way. Just exploiting the weaknesses to weapons, blindsides links, and link strikes has generally been enough to kill stuff though, so I don't use magic really but to open up on a group of enemies.

I just got to Altissia, but I have been like a sidequest addict. I've literally completed every sidequest available up until the story allows me to. So I am going through the story extremely slow, but oh well. Some minor annoyances, but hopefully will be patched in:

-Looting on chocobos, pleaseeee
-Yeah some of the songs are missing(but I understand they can't include literally everything ever made) that I was searching for ex. Ending Theme to FFX =/
-Locking on to enemies is sometimes kind of finnicky, maybe I just need better camera and character movement
-The arena monster crap is way too RNG(why they didn't incorporate something like World of FF into this arena is beyond me), and imo kind of boring after a little while
-Some of the ranged weapon types feel pretty lackluster, like I am hitting with a wet noodle.

Other than that, the game is bad-ass. The fighting in the game is hands down probably the best combat system I have ever played with. You can customize your party a fair bit to play how you want, and also build them as such with gear/talents.