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I didnt get a lot of confidence by the guy presenting this...i dont know that i would trust him. He sounded like he was reading something without really understanding it.

Here is a post I made that I dug up that touches on the manual modification of one of the settings:

I saw a post on AionSource talking about improving ping based on a script that someone had created for WoW. I dont run other people's scripts so i got the script, read it and found out what it was doing and looked into the actual setting and what it does. It actually makes sense. Looking into it further I found that with Vista/Win 7 there is another setting that you can also use to improve ping.

Some history on the command and what it is doing.

TCP traffic is network traffic that is sent. A packet is sent from the host to the client and the client sends an acknowledgment back to the host saying the received the packet. This goes on hundreds or thousands of times a second. Windows tries to be more efficient and says OK i will batch my responses back to the host to be more efficient. The host then doesn't receive acknowledgment for a few milliseconds longer. It either waits for an acknowledgment before sending any more packets or it just sends new ones anyway. What this means to you is that the packets might not be being sent as fast as they could be, which can increase your ping.

Now to tell windows to stop batching the acknowledgments you can make the following registry setting changes (Just a warning...fucking around in your registry isnt smart and can fuck things up if you fuck up):

In Windows XP/Vista/7

Start --> Run --> Regedit

Navigate on the left to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{NIC-id} (your NIC ID will have your local IP address as a value when you select the correct one...so like 192.168.1...)

Right click on it and choose New--> DWORD Value. For the name enter TcpAckFrequency and hit enter (case is important). Then right click on it and modify. For "Value data:" enter "1" (hexadecimal if for the base type option) and click OK.

This should be all you need to do. Reboot and test your ping.

If you want to undo these changes...navigate to the right directory in regedit and right click the DWORD you entered and choose delete and reboot.

I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU FUCK SHIT UP. I did this to my system (Win 7) and i notice a difference. I cant be sure it will work for you or that you wont screw stuff up.

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I remember you linking this on the old Divinus boards.. where's the Window's 8 version? =)

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probably works on 8 as well. cant be sure but you can try it. it SHOULDNT cause a problem, but you can always delete the DWORD if it does screw stuff up.